Gospel & Prayer Writings

Knowing the Gospel is important, so is an active prayer life. This page is dedicated to explaining what the Gospel is, and how to pray. All writings on this page are focused on the Gospel and Prayer.

A Prayer for the World during Covid-19

Dear God, King of the Universe, Creator of Everything, I come to you humbly in prayer. My heart is open to your Will, I trust your wisdom over my limited perspective. God, I pray that during these global times of trial that people will turn to you, and make you the center of their world–the… Read more »

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Dear God you are so AWESOME

Dear God, You are so awesome and amazing. No person can be like you, we are so grateful to you. We thank you for creating the world and all of our brothers and sisters in God. May we serve you, and serve all people May you guide us to be Christ-like, and shine love and… Read more »

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Do Everything in Love

Thank you, God, it is such an honor to serve you with love. May I always choose to live my life in Love, serving you first God. May all my actions serve your will, with unconditional love. Allow me to work as your servant, loving, forgiving and blessing all of my brothers and sisters. I… Read more »

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