May I be God-Centered not self-centered


Heavenly Creator and Almighty Loving God, May we all be centered in you. May we be God-Centered.

We pray that you guide us in seeking the truth, the truth of kindness and love that Jesus taught and showed us by example in the way he lived his life on earth. Guide us to bring the peace of Jesus in our hearts, our minds, our words, and our actions so that we may fully serve you God, with love and pure devotion.  May we be God-Centered.

May we serve God first, centered in God, and serve each other, over serving just ourselves…  We pray for our friends and family and all people and that we too may be more God-centered, and less self-centered. We pray for forgiveness, as we all have been selfish, and misguided, oftentimes thinking just of ourselves rather than you Lord. May we all be more God-Centered rather than self-centered. 

May we remember you God, and give thanks to you as often as we can all throughout the day, every day., God-centered. Thank you, God, the center of my life. How may I serve you, God? Thank you. I love you. May I and all others serve you with our time and soul.

May we commune with you often all day every day with our loving appreciation for you, and turn to you for guidance, strength, forgiveness, and love. Thank you, God, I am centered with you God, I love you with all of my heart and Soul. May we all be God-centered. I choose to be centered in you God.

We pray that you Guide us to discern The truth of Gods words and follow the loving teachings of Jesus as they are filled with depth, and service to God and one other,…Jesus left us a roadmap to heaven, may we choose Jesus with our free will. Jesus guide me, I choose you now and forever, as my savior. Forgive me, as I forgive others.

I pray that people will see they are being deceived with half-truths from new age thought teachers, who teach materialism, like attracting stuff, getting things, manifesting their desires, living, for now, extreme self-care, and serving oneself with extreme self-care rather than serving the divine and caring for others. May we look to Jesus’s life and study the truths he left for us. Jesus was not selfish, he gave everything, may we keep him in our hearts and on our minds, all day, as we give this day to Jesus.  

May we be God-centered not self-centered. 

I pray people will stop masquerading as little Gods, mistakingly thinking they are gods rather than children of God, and servants to God…  I pray that we all wake up, as I did, and find the eternal peace of Jesus in their hearts. I pray that all people may turn to you Lord, knowing the truth of God. May people give the sound doctrine of the Bible and life of Jesus a fair chance, and study your teachings rather, than false self help spiritual teachers who profit from made-up teachings. May we all be more God-centered.

May we surrender to the love of Jesus, God-centered, choosing to follow just him, perfect and divine. Centered in you, God.

I pray that people wake up to the half-truths and deceptions of worldly abundance, self-conceit and pridefully manifesting desires, and realize that we ought to be God-centered, aiming towards heaven, God-focused, Serving God and choosing God. With my free will, I choose to be God-centered, in Jesus name.

In this world, but not of it, be of heaven, choose heaven… right now is like a hallway or a birthing canal, and our choices here and now determine the room we go to in the hereafter. It is not about the power of now, but the power of God and the power of heaven by using your free will to be God-centered not self-centered. 

God-Centered, I am centered in you God.