Allison Beardsley

Allison has many blessings in life, and she credits them to serving God, and others. Allison founded the Club Pilates brand in 2007, franchised it in 2013, and sold her companies in 2015. As a franchisor, Allison helped hundreds of people open their own business, and become financially free. Today, Allison’s concept Club Pilates serves millions of people internationally and is the worlds largest Pilates company. In 2 years, Allison franchised and developed Club Pilates into more than 100 territories by making business a spiritual practice.

Allison’s motto has always been, “How can I help and serve as many people as possible?” Allison realized she is serving Gods purpose by loving and uplifting humanity, and taking massive action for the betterment of others, not just serving herself. Like C.S. Lewis once wrote: “Aim at Heaven, and you will get Earth thrown in. Aim at Earth and you will get neither.” Allison has found this to be very true. When your actions are “God-rooted,” or combined with the will of God, your ability┬áto serve is amplified.

Allison is committed to serving others with love. Today she is a Life Coach, Business Mentor, and Servant to God. She is also a speaker and an aspiring author. Working on her Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics at Liberty University, Allison loves to be God Rooted and devote her life to Jesus Christ.

-“I used to be seeking all the time, I was going on spiritual retreats, reading every new age book, and I realize now, they are hollow, and lead you on an eternal journey of seeking, chasing your own tail, and not finding real peace. New-age spiritual teachings do not quench our thirst for a real connection to God. I am saddened with the profiting and big business of the new-age industry which makes money from peoples hard-wired desire for a relationship with God. Then I began to study the Bible, and teachings of Jesus with an open mind, and immediately I felt deep peace and ease. Jesus is the real deal. My motto used to be, you are a powerful creator. Now I realize, that my motto is You are a powerful Server. God actually corrected me while I was in prayer, we are here to serve God and one another. We are children of God. My hope is that I may serve selflessly with Gods will.” With love and gratitude, Allison.