Allison Beardsley

I have been blessed by God and I pray I can be a blessing to others and fulfill God’s Will for my life. In this bio, I will briefly share my business background and more elaborately share the most important event in my life, being born again in Jesus Christ.

Briefly, the business part first. I founded the Club Pilates brand in 2007 as a pregnant military wife. My sweet husband Chris was a Marine C-130 pilot, and we have been happily married since 2006. Being able to raise my children was a primary reason for starting Club Pilates. My business motto was always based on helping and serving others. After becoming an international CEO of a franchise company, I learned I was gifted in developing business systems and bringing ideas to reality. I franchised Club Pilates in 2013 and sold over 100 territories in two years. I sold my franchise company and 5 studio locations in San Diego in 2015. I then opened 3 more locations in Reno Nevada in 2015 and sold them in 2018.

As a franchisor, I helped hundreds of people open their own business, and become financially free. I also created training programs and wrote thousand’s of pages in training manuals for every aspect of the business systems, from how to teach classes, to how to open and run the business. Franchising is like creating a business in a box. I had, and still, have a knack at making concepts accessible and easy to understand for people.

I still help people as a God Rooted Life Coach and Business Consultant. I teach people conservative or non-risky timeless ways to become financially free and get out of the rate race. From starting their own business venture to uplifting their community, I love to share ideas and more importantly help people execute those ideas. As a coach and consultant, I have first-hand experience and business success. I do not coach and consult others based on theory but on first-hand experience. In addition to my consulting that I do by choice because I love to work with people, I am a real estate investor and full-time homeschool mom. Actually, I am mainly the homeschool lunch lady and janitor as my husband Chris is the superior teacher to the children. I am better with adults :-).

Now, for the awesome part, my testimony of how I met the God of love, creator of everything, and the King of the Universe, Jesus. Wow, I am still humbled that God saved me. I had broken every commandment. I had no idea what the Ten Commandments even were until December 13th, 2018 when I was born again.

It was a wintery day deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains, I was driving to Yoga from our ranch. We lived very rurally, and the drive was almost two hours. I had just returned home from a Meditation retreat in Tulum Mexico where I was disenchanted by the “guru,” who was an egotistical maniac (he literally fought with anyone who disagreed with him). For the previous twenty years, I had studied self-help everything and had thousands of hours of training in this arena. I was seeking truth, and God for my entire life. On my drive, I was listening to my first ever Christian audiobook. I always planned to study Jesus and the Bible and I was just finally getting around to it. I always prayed to Jesus and loved Him, just my idea of who He was, was inaccurate.

While listening to the Christian book, I was shaken to my core. I realized that Jesus is the way and the Truth and the life. It dawned on me powerfully that I needed a Savior. Here I was practicing every self-help technique, only, like an addict to get a temporary high and then search for the latest and greatest technique or method all over again. The self-help world is a vicious cycle. I cried, in repentance for all of the mistakes I made, I asked God for forgiveness. It was like I was hit hard by a freight train because I 180’d on just about everything in life. I repented, which means to change directions on numerous things in my life.  I know the term born again sounds cliche, and that is what I experienced was a rebirth, only later did I find that Jesus speaks about being born again in the Bible. Being born again is a complete renewing of your mind and heart, priorities change, everything changes. God became the center of my life. Jesus commanded his followers to love the Lord God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength; and to love others as He has loved us. Oftentimes society teaches us to love ourselves, and take care of number one first. I have learned, from Jesus, that we are to serve God first, then serve others. Our needs are fulfilled when we make God and others our priority and not ourselves.

I used to teach people “you are a powerful creator.” God clearly corrected me with the impression, “you are a powerful server.” Wow… I was blown away and humbled to my core with this correction. The second thing God clearly communicated to me was the word “dogma.” One day on my knees crying in prayer I was asking God for clarification on what is what with my new found faith in Jesus. Very clearly I heard the word dogma. I had no idea what the word dogma meant, and when I googled it, the core principles of Christian dogma came up and this was an answer to my prayers. Namely, that we are sinners, we need Jesus as our Savior and that He died and was resurrected for the forgiveness of our sins, and we are saved by grace through faith and not works.

I believe God gives us imprints as children for what His Will is for our life. I always wanted to teach University students and write books. God blessed me with a love of learning and an extremely passionate and action-oriented personality. I once tried to study Psychology and after a month I dropped out. I am now finishing up my Master’s in Christian Apologetics in May 2020, (my thesis is scheduled for April 29th) and I have had straight A’s and one B so far in the program. I am finishing a second Masters in Theological Studies in July 2020.

I can see where God has worked in my life all along, even before I knew him. From putting others first, serving others, and loving to help people and connect with them. Now that I know Jesus, my life is even more focused. It is not about me, money, or success; life is about serving one another, loving each other as Jesus loved us, and being a good steward to our world. I pray that I can be a blessing to others, and dedicate the rest of my life to glorifying God in all I do.