Allison Beardsley

I have been blessed by God and I pray I can be a blessing to others and fulfill God’s Will for my life. In this bio, I will briefly share my business background and more elaborately share the most important event in my life, being born again in Jesus Christ.

Briefly, the boring business part first. I founded the Club Pilates brand in 2007 as a pregnant military wife. My sweet husband Chris was a Marine C-130 pilot, and we have been happily married since 2006. Being able to raise my children was my primary reason for starting Club Pilates. I franchised Club Pilates in 2013 and sold over 100 territories in two years. I sold my franchise company and other businesses in 2015. I honestly had no idea what I was doing; my resume consisted of being a waitress and fitness instructor then a CEO at an international franchise company. There was no master plan, my motto was pure and simple, it was to help and serve as many people as possible. My plan was never to serve myself or glorify myself, I could have never named my business “Allison Beardsley Studios.” (More on this concept in my testimonial down below).

As a franchisor, I helped hundreds of people open their own business, and become financially free. I also created training programs and wrote thousand’s of pages in training manuals for every aspect of the business systems. I had, and still, have a knack at making concepts accessible and easy to understand. I still help people as a Christ-centered Life Coach and Business Consultant. I teach people conservative or non-risky timeless ways to become financially free and get out of the rate race. In addition to my consulting that I do by choice because I love to work with people, I am a real estate investor and full-time homeschool mom. Actually I am really the homeschool lunch lady and janitor as my husband Chris is the superior teacher to the children.

Now, for the awesome part, my testimony of how I was born again in Jesus Christ! Wow, I am still humbled that God saved a wretch like me. I have broken every commandment. I had no idea what the Ten Commandments even were until December 13th, 2018 when I was born again.

It was a wintery day deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains, I was driving to Kundalini Yoga from our ranch. We lived very rurally, and the drive to Yoga was almost two hours. I had just returned home from a Yoga and Meditation retreat in Tulum where I was disenchanted by the “guru,” who was an egotistical maniac. For the previous twenty years, I had studied New Age- Yoga- self-help everything and had thousands of hours of training in this arena. On my drive, I was listening to my first ever Christian audiobook. I always planned to study Jesus and the Bible and I was just finally getting around to it. I always prayed to Jesus and loved Him, just my idea of who He was, was inaccurate.

While listening to the Christian book, I was shaken to my core. I realized that Jesus is the only way and the Truth and the life. It dawned on me powerfully that I was so flawed, or wretched and I needed a Savior. Here I was meditating, practicing Yoga, tapping, listening to self-help book after book learning the latest and greatest new nonsense, only, like an addict to get a temporary high and then search for the latest and greatest new technique or method all over again. The New Age self-help Yoga world is a vicious cycle. I cried, in repentance for all of the mistakes I made, I asked God for forgiveness. It was like I was hit hard by a freight train because I 180’d on just about everything in life. I used to think, “marry your horse or pet rock for all I care, as long as you don’t harm anyone.” In an instant, I understood that marriage is a Holy covenant from God. Needless to say, I did not go to Kundalini Yoga that day, nor will I ever practice Yoga or eastern mantra meditation again. I repented, which means to change directions on numerous things in my life. I used to use “medicinal edibles,” which I stopped, and I focused all my heart, soul, mind and strength on God. I know the term born again sounds cliche, and that is what I experienced was a rebirth, only later did I find that Jesus speaks about being born again in the Bible. Being born again is a complete renewing of your mind and heart, priorities change, everything changes.

I prayed to God so much, on my knees and in tears for the first few weeks. I realized the deception of Yoga and the New Age self-help world which is based in pride. I still pray to God all the time, on my knees, but I am not still repenting for the same things I repented on when I was first born again, because God does forgive and only satan, which means accuser will try to accuse you non stop of your past mistakes. Anyways, God delivered two messages to me in my first week of being born again. The first thing he corrected me on was the motto I used. As a coach and consultant I used to teach people “you are a powerful creator.” God clearly corrected me and told me “you are a powerful server.” Wow… I was blown away and humbled to my core with this correction. The second thing God clearly communicated to me was the word “dogma.” One day on my knees crying in prayer I was asking God for clarification on what is what with my new found faith. Very clearly I heard the word dogma. I had no idea what the word dogma meant, and when I googled it the core principles of Christian dogma came up and this was an answer to my prayers. Namely, that we are sinners, we need Jesus as our Savior and that He died and was resurrected for the forgiveness of our sins and we are saved by grace through faith and not works.

The only difference in the devil and angels is pride. I also found it eerie that the devil is represented by a snake or serpent in the Bible, and in Yoga, the father of Yoga (Patanjali) is a half-snake half-man creature. To make the case of how Yoga is even more demonic is the concept of Kundalini. Kundalini in Yoga is a term known as “serpent energy.” Many people go absolutely nuts when the Kundalini energy rises to their minds. Now, I know a lot about Yoga because I have thousands of hours of training in it, and I hold the highest level of training from Deepak Chopra’s “Chopra University.”

The first week after being born again I had creepy dreams with snakes in them and could barely sleep. In one dream there was a “Golom,” looking creature biting my toe, and when I kicked him off I accidentally kicked my husband. Sleeping with my Bible helped with these nightmares, which I believe were Spiritual warfare. The bad spirits had my soul, then Jesus saved me from the deception. The Bible tells us there is a war, not of flesh and bones but in the Spiritual realm which is below our perception as carnate humans. The biblical worldview actually explains reality like no other worldview. I rid my home of New Age everything which also helped with my nightmares. I burned all of my New Age books and got rid of all New Age trinkets. From my Buddha statues to chakra jewelry I tossed all of it. I also anointed my home with oil crosses. All of these actions stopped the terrible dreams, and I now sleep well again.

I believe God gives us imprints as children for what His Will is for our life. I always wanted to teach University students and write books. God blessed me with a love of learning and an extremely passionate and action-oriented personality. I once tried to study Psychology and after a month I dropped out. I am now finishing up my Master’s in Christian Apologetics and I have had straight A’s and one B so far in the program. I am writing my Master’s Thesis as a comparative study of the Christian worldview to the New Age worldview. I hope to serve God with all of my strength, mind, soul, and life.

When I was lost in the New Age world I was planning to be a self-help author for my next career. I had even spoken with the editor at the New Age publisher Hay House, Reid Tracy who encouraged me to create a self-glorified brand of I hated this idea, and I had an inner battle about the self-glorified brand for years. In early 2018, I finally created the self-glorifying brand of my name (blah) with a lotus flower. It is funny when my web designer first sent me the 3 petaled lotus flower logo I immediately thought the three flower petals represented the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit- God was working in me for a long time before my supernatural awakening. Anyways, the Hay House guy had told me that my resisting a self-glorified personal brand was my ego. I must say, after knowing Jesus, that battle I was having with a self-glorified personal brand was not my ego, it was my soul resisting self-glorification.

The self-help and Spiritual New Age world is the oldest lie in the book based on self works and practices rooted in human effort. There is nothing new under the sun. We can only do anything because of God our creator and sustainer. God does not warn us of the dangers of pride or self-glorification, and encourage us to worship Him because of His ego. He teaches us to focus on things above ie. HIM, for the safety of our soul.  This world is fallen, and focusing on this world and our feelings and self is a trap created by the devil himself. It is the oldest lie in the book.

Alrighty, this testimony may be getting a little lengthy. If you read this far, I am humbled. All I can say is 2+2=4, and Jesus is the only way, the Truth and the Life. Basically, we are all self-absorbed sinners and we have all broken God’s commandments. None of us can do anything to fix our broken state; this is the reality of humanity and anything else is self-delusion. We need not look further than just in the mirror to realize we fall short of God’s commandments, and we are wretched.  Now the good news of the Gospel is, that Jesus has paid our fines, and has saved or redeemed us by being perfect and atoning for our sins. It takes a humble and child-like heart to recognize the need for a Savior, God resists the haughty and prideful. So if you have not yet been born again begin reading the Bible and C.S. Lewis books, and humble yourself in repentance and ask God to renew you, and help you be born-again. God Bless you sweet friends and remember not everything can be truth, just Jesus.