She built the brand with her own culture and accountability.

The first time she met me, Allison told me, “You need a better website.  I talked to 20 franchise attorneys before I found you.”

Allison owned two successful Pilates Studios at the time, but wanted to franchise.  I tried to supply my expertise:

I told her, “Charge your franchisees a 6% royalty, and a 2% Ad Fund right off the bat.”

I was focused on HER success.

But, Allison was focused on the success of the Franchisees.

“Let’s charge 2% . . . but not collect it until they are profitable.  I’m not sure about the Ad Fund.”

This dynamic continued, with Allison finding and training Franchisees, and making sure there was a strong cultural fit.  She would pull a signed franchise agreement out of the trunk of her BMW convertible, bent, wrinkled, with some wine stains. “We signed that in the Spa.”  She told me, “I’m not sure about the BMW.”  After a few long walks in the Torrey Pines Reserve, she ditched the BMW. “Not me.” She bought a Subaru.

I continued to advise her, file the wine-stained paperwork, and help her as she expanded.  15 Franchisees. 20 Franchisees. Area rights to Colorado. Multi-Unit Developers.

I would file the paperwork, because Club Pilates did not have an office.  I became convinced that Allison’s success was due to the fact that she had never worked a day in corporate America.  She didn’t know that you were supposed to rent an office, hire a secretary, have overhead and staff. She didn’t know that you were supposed to use Docusign for a joyless contract signing, instead of signing during a Spa Day.

Club Pilates expanded and grew (and finally got an office, overhead and staff).

At about 75 Franchisees, Allison had peaked . (About 1 in 100 reach that level).  Allison knew that she knew what she didn’t know.  For her child to grow, for Club Pilates to reach the next level, she had to have humility. Humbleness. She had to sell.

Which was a sad day for me.  But, I was honored to be a part of the success and to watch how Allison successfully embarked on a venture (franchising) where she knew nothing and nobody, and created her own blueprint.  She built the brand with her own culture and accountability.  By focusing on her franchisees and instructors, and not herself, she ensured success for everyone.

Tim Pickwell
Franchise Attorney

She knew what she wanted, and she blazed a path to get there in her very special Allison way.

You would do well to follow the advice of Allison Beardsley.  When I first met Allison she was a college student, teaching Pilates at a local gym.  She was not only entertaining but kept us moving and laughing our way to healthy bodies.  I started taking private lessons from her and she decided to open her own studio.  Being a business attorney and CPA, I asked her, “Do you know anything about business?” Her honest answer – NO.  That was then, this is now.  Not only did she learn everything she needed to know, what she didn’t know – she invented.  The only real piece of advice I gave her was to trust her gut.  And she did, even many times against the advice of her team of professionals.  She knew what she wanted, and she blazed a path to get there in her very special Allison way.

Amy Rypins
Encinitas CA, CPA, Esq.

I’ve lost track of the number of times she has talked me off the proverbial ledge!

I first met Allison at the Deepak Chopra Center in California and she has played a pivotal role in my life ever since! I’m grateful to call her one of my best friends – she’s down to earth, funny, real and oh so mature for her age. I’ve lost track of the number of times she has talked me off the proverbial ledge! My life and my business are better because of Allison’s wisdom, her spirituality, her wit and her ability to tell it like it is. She has a sunny disposition and an infectious smile – she effortlessly spreads love and light wherever she goes. She’s known around the world for revolutionizing the fitness industry with Club Pilates, but what I know for sure is Allison’s just getting started!

Nashita Dastur
Orange County, Business Owner

Her positive and inspirational outlook is incredibly contagious.

Allison Beardsley is not only a creative genius, but is one of the most genuine, down to earth people you will ever meet.  She is one of the most generous people I have ever met, with a true ability to manifest great things in her life and the lives of those fortunate enough to come in contact with her.  Her positive and inspirational outlook is incredibly contagious and I feel very fortunate to call her a friend!

Andrea LaRondelle
Business Owner, St. Louis

Being around her makes you listen to your heart, and creatively reach for something so much more.

‘Surround yourself with people who feel like sunlight.’ My journey has been clearer, brighter, more purposeful and more mindful because of the warmth Allison brings to a relationship. Allison Beardsley and I speak a similar language, combining wit and passion with depth and sensitivity. She has empowered me through the gift of Pilates to reshape my health, wellness, body, mind and spirit. As a mentor she has encouraged me to chase dreams, and makes it simple and possible to eliminate the obstacles in my mind. As a confidant and friend she sparks intellectual conversation and discusses truth while exploring all sides of an issue, opening the eyes to new thoughts and ideas. She embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, and being around her makes you listen to your heart, and creatively reach for something so much more.

Johanna Halosz
Reno, Nevada

I’m amazed when I see her passion and what drives her!

I manifested Allison into my life : )

I began my Pilates journey in 2012 and by the summer of 2014 I was looking into franchises. I wanted to figure out how I could turn my new found passion into a career! I loved the business model that Club Pilates offered and longed for one to be in my area!

I soon stumbled across an ad online to win a Club Pilates franchise! I was beyond excited, I thought this is it, this is a sign!! At the time I was working 6 days a week teaching a mixture of mornings, afternoons and evenings at a few local studios! I was feeling exhausted with very little time off and wanted to make my passion into a career! I loved that Club Pilates offered blocks of times to instructors instead of only teaching one or two classes!

I immediately entered the contest! Even though I didn’t exactly win the contest I feel that I came out on top and received something far better than I would have imagined!! I soon found out that Allison Beardsley the founder of Club Pilates was going to open a studio in Reno by 2015!

Thanks to another Club Pilates owner in CA I was put in direct contact with Allison! We may have had one or two brief conversations over the phone prior to the studio opening! I made sure to be at the studio opening day and as often as I could when I knew Allison would be there! I was persistent in obtaining a position with Club Pilates!

Within a month of the studio opening I found myself as her new General Manager and Lead Pilates Instructor! Little did I know this adventure would lead me to now running three studios in the area!

My primary intention was to have Allison in my life as a friend! I knew we had a connection from the first time we met and that I had so much to learn from her! I feel beyond grateful for all of the lesson I’ve learned along the way! She’s more than a boss, she’s a friend and my personal spiritual guru!

I’m amazed when I see her passion and what drives her! It’s more than Pilates, it’s continued spiritual growth! I never would have imagined that one small decision to enter to win a Club Pilates franchise would lead me here and change the course of my path!

She may have thrown me to my own defenses several times, putting me outside my comfort zone when I took over as her General Manager! However it was exactly what I needed! She was always there as a guide, she uplifted and encouraged me to be my best!! She had faith in me and to this day encourages me to grow and evolve not only in business but in life!

Thank you Allison!! I’m truly blessed to have you in my life!

Jessica Roberts
Reno, Nevada

She believed in me and she gave me the self courage to go after what I truly wanted.

I met Allison Beardsley in 2013 after attending a Pilates class at one of her San Diego locations. I was so excited after my class I had to share with the owner of the company, Allison called me back, and we went to lunch. She was an amazing person, very inspirational, she told me I should open a Club Pilates because I believed in the product and it worked for me. She recommended that I read T. Harv Ecker’s, ”Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” and the Deepak Chopra’s “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” After reading those books, and with Allison believing in me, I open my first Club Pilates studio. I then opened three more.  Allison is a very inspirational person and she believed in me and she gave me the self courage to go after what I truly wanted.

Derek Jones
San Diego, California, Fire Fighter, Business Owner

Offering herself unconditionally to all that are ready to embrace change.

Abundance, balance, strength, guidance and wisdom are the energy fields that surround my being since our paths reconnected on this cosmic plane.

Allison graced my being with her presence in 2011, and as our time spent together was coming purely from a place of love, Allison deepened my spiritual awareness, rekindling the very essence of being (that was taking a hiatus from life…) and continues to do so, with the gentle words she shares. Offering herself unconditionally to all that are ready to embrace change.

Allison’s luminous spirit will captivate and inspire as she guides you to becoming your most authentic self.

Jemima North
Sydney, Australia, Business Owner

She approaches life and business from a place of service to others.

When my path crossed with Allison’s path back in 2012, my life completely changed. I changed my career, I started my own business, I got in shape, and today I am financially free. Allison taught me so much, she taught me to follow my heart and to have no fear when it comes to taking that step into the unknown. Allison’s spirit is light hearted yet passionate. She approaches life and business from a place of service to others. Allison would always talk about “spiritualizing business,” and she certainly embraces her message on the daily. She laughs, connects, and manifests her dreams with the best of them. Everything Allison puts her mind to she accomplishes and then some. I was so honored when she asked me to write a few sentences for her new website, and I am so excited to read her books.


I appreciate her humbleness and positivity.

I’ve always believed in the universe and had faith in the lessons, challenges and victories it provides. Meeting Allison Beardsley continues to validate my belief. In the years that I’ve known her, she’s played many roles. At first she was a name (a celebrity of sorts) I knew from being a client at one of her Pilates studios, even without ever meeting her she inspired me. Soon after she became my master trainer. It was in that process that she became my mentor, not only in teaching Pilates but in business and unknowingly life. We became close friends easily and quickly and still are.

Allison has a remarkable ability to inspire others through her words and actions. I’ve had the honor and privilege to watch her manifest many ideas into reality. She has taught me how to spiritualize business, how to know when to resist or let go, when to take action or be still, how to embrace the good in everything. She believed in me and if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t own my own business. To this day I value her insight and knowledge. I appreciate her humbleness and positivity. Mostly, I am grateful that the universe brought our souls together.

Nikkita Weerasinghe
Los Angeles Area Business Owner