A Prayer for the World during Covid-19

Dear God, King of the Universe, Creator of Everything, I come to you humbly in prayer. My heart is open to your Will, I trust your wisdom over my limited perspective. God, I pray that during these global times of trial that people will turn to you, and make you the center of their world–the center of their thoughts and heart. I pray we love our neighbors, reach out to old friends, and love you more than the temporary achievements of this world. God, I know, we as humanity have all fallen short, we are all, by our fallen nature self-centered and quick to desert you as the center of our life when times are good and plentiful. I pray that people turn to you, and keep you as the center of focus in their life. Lord, please forgive us of our shortcomings, and renew our heart and mind so we can stay steadfast and focused on your will, and serving you. I love you so much, in Jesus name, Amen.