Help me be Humble and Obedient to You, my God

Yahweh, Father, my God, my sweet loving Lord, I love you more than words can say. Tears and remorse pour out of me, when I think of all the times I have been stubborn, filled with pride, and following my way and not Your way. Forgive me Lord God, Heavenly King. I have broken every commandment, not even knowing them for most of my life. I live now only to glorify You, my God. Thank you for touching me with the Holy Spirit, allowing me to be born again in Your truth. I pray for continued guidance to be humble, not proud; to follow Your Will, not my will, and to be an obedient servant to you for the rest of my days. Thank you for lifting me up from the illusion of new age deception, self-help, and self-care; I know that only real satisfaction in life comes from an intimate relationship with You, and from adoring You and making You the focal point of my thoughts and life. Thank you for Your Grace and love, even when I was confused, and filled with self-pride, and doing my own will and not Yours. God, I pray that all those who read this can also be born again in Your love. May I carry my own cross, catching myself when I think a bad thought of others, may I be more and more Christ-like each and every day. Thank you for sending Jesus, to die on the cross for my inequities. I know I am an imperfect sinner, and the punishment of sin is death. Thank you for sending your only begotten Son to carry the sins of the world so we may all have a chance to spend eternity with you. All glory to God now and forever. I make this prayer in the name of the savior of the world, Jesus Christ, AMEN. P.S. I love you, Yahweh, Thank you, Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit for knocking spiritual discernment into me like a freight train. Use me God, may I be a powerful servant to you My God. In Jesus name, Amen.