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Spiritual Formation Make God the Center of Your Life

Spiritual Formation Blog Post Calling     What is Spiritual Formation?   Spiritual formation is the continuous transformation in our walk of faith with God. The most crucial concept in spiritual formation is our calling to an intimate God rooted life. The primary calling in life should first and foremost be our dynamic relationship with… Read more »

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Being The Light Born Again in Love

Wow, so I had a crazy born again experience with Jesus. Since being born again in the light and love of God many things have changed. So much effortless change. I am God OBSESSED… God Rooted… God Centered… Sobriety, not that I was an alcoholic, but I have lost the desire for my almost daily… Read more »

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God Rooted… transitioning from Allisonbeardsley.com to GodRooted.com

God has gifted me with passion, focus, charisma and the ability to influence and help others. Thanks, God. In 2015, when I was 34 years old, I sold my franchise company, Club Pilates, and became financially free. I no longer had to work, but I knew I couldn’t just chill the rest of my life…… Read more »

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I love you no matter what you believe

So, the last 36 days, I was hit HARD by the Holy Spirit which has rocked my world. As I write this, I must say it has been an amazing ride, that is just getting started. I am so excited about my new life being God-Centered not self-centered, with Jesus who is the one true… Read more »

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