God Rooted… transitioning from Allisonbeardsley.com to GodRooted.com

God has gifted me with passion, focus, charisma and the ability to influence and help others. Thanks, God. In 2015, when I was 34 years old, I sold my franchise company, Club Pilates, and became financially free. I no longer had to work, but I knew I couldn’t just chill the rest of my life… that fire inside of me is too strong.

I always had the calling to be a writer and author, so now’s my chance. From my background in new-age spiritual doctrine for over 20 years, with thousands of hours of training in Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, I thought I would be a Hayhouse published author. I have studied many of the world’s religions in-depth, I have read every single new age spiritual book on the market.

How can we satisfy our desire to be intimate with God by buying into retreats and feel good self-centered doctrine? We can’t be truly satisfied spiritually with false feel-good for-profit teachings, and I know this, first hand. We must serve God first, and love one another.

One day I had the opportunity to speak with Reid Tracy the President of Hayhouse publishing company, he encouraged me to write about my journey in business and to create a personal brand and following. I also took the Hayhouse writers course. The course was all about a self-glorifying a personal brand. I never felt comfortable with a personal brand, in fact, I had an inner battle for 2 years, then I gave in and went live with allisonbeardsley.com… I was never inspired to even do anything with my website, until December 13th, 2018, when I was touched by the Holy Spirit and woke up.

The authors in my writing course also had an issue with a personal brand and glorifying themselves as self-help authorities. They chalked up this hesitation to their ego, but they all admitted to feeling like phonies and frauds. I was not even getting started and felt that way.

It is not natural or beneficial to one’s soul to glorify themselves over glorifying God and humanity. After studying the Bible and waking up self-exalting deception it makes perfect sense why self help authors feel like frauds. I am not calling them frauds, they called themselves frauds, and I was on that path abnd felt like one myself. Only the one true God is our guide, and self-glorifying doctrines do not align with the God-given truths of the Bible. But what can you expect from Hayhouse? They profit HUGELY from selling sweet-candy-like books and pricey retreats. Their industry creates fleeting feel-good fluffy teachings that do not satisfy like the truth.

So, now that I am awake, I am transitioning my website to GodRooted.com, not allisonbeardsley.com. The Bible teaches us not to glorify ourselves but to be God Rooted and serve others above ourselves.

I am now satisfied, no longer thirsty, and no longer chasing my tail. I only seek sound doctrine serving others which is rooted in God. After being deceived for so long, I know the truth when seeing it.

I pray that your ears and eyes may open to the truth of Jesus.