Being reborn from spiritual seeking to Jesus

Wow, the last 10 days has rocked my world, all that I thought I believed has changed, and I feel so at peace. Those who know me, know I have always had a deep spiritual belief in life and God. I have studied all the worlds religions and texts, and my motto in life has always been to help and serve others… well, let me rephrase my studying comment, that I have studied many teachings in-depth except Christianity in-depth until recently, and the Bible until just the last few days. Don’t get me wrong, Jesus was always my number one, but I was not monogamous… I was a spiritual seeking slut. And seeking gets exhausting, its a constant sorting of all of these terms, and beliefs and concepts.

I guess I took it for granted because the Bible was in my own backyard, and I easily fell into the trap of looking at all the wrongdoings man has done in the name of God. Well I realize now there are wrongdoings were not done by God, but with man misusing his free will in Gods name. We can go hardcore down the rabbit hole if we want to point to all the wrongdoings done in any belief and in the name of anything.

When I was 10 or 11, my younger brother died, was in a coma, and after the tracheotomy was removed (that tube down his throat), his first words were, “I want to go to church.” He then told us about hovering over his body, seeing the whole scene in the hospital room, he then went to a light with Jesus, he then decided to return to his body, he was only 7 or 8 years old at the time, and my family was not into church or any religion. From there we shopped numerous religions and decided to become Catholic. We were that family on Easter Sunday that got baptized, communion and confirmation all at once. I loved church, I was an altar girl, and worked at the front desk of the church from the age of 13-15 giving away St. Vincent De Paul vouchers to those in need, and folding church bulletins, serving the Priests and Nuns who were the kindest people by the way. I only had amazing experiences. 

Around the age of 17, I learned about Emerson, and Thoreau’s philosophies, and I quickly rebelled, telling my parents I am going to skip church and go meditate under a cactus instead. It was at that point I began studying new age concepts and other religions and spiritual texts. 

Three days ago, I listened to a book called Imagine Heaven, by John Burke. It was a ten-hour audio book, and that book completely changed my life, my direction, and my world. I am born again, and I feel such deep peace and faith, I am no longer a Spiritual Seeking Slut. The book “Imagine Heaven,” is a Christian book about Near Death Experiences written by John Burke. John was a former skeptic turned into a pastor, and his work is amazing, and his message was a home run for me.  

Anyways, I was so emotionally moved by this book at a deep deep level, and I saw clearly how the new age concepts are so different from the Bible, and I never gave the Bible a fair chance. I never dared to utter the word or name of the fallen angel, Lucifer, and I avoided all things negative. Not knowing about him, allowed me to be easily deceived. I learned that scripture warned of these false teachings, and Lucifer was an egomaniac that wanted to be God, and that is exactly what so many of these new age spiritual teachings are. They are preying on people who do not know, who are insecure and lost and feeding these Egotistical beliefs that are selfish and not based in truth.

These Spiritual new age teachings are teaching us we are Gods, instead of children of God. These new age teachings are teaching us we are powerful creators, versus we are powerful servers to God. 

In new age thoughts we are taught self-care, take care of your self first and then serve others, cause if you don’t care for yourself you can’t care for others. Or you are God, so care for yourself and therefore you are caring for God. I realize this deception, as we ought to serve God first then others, not our self. Misery comes in when we are all caught up in our own self with no care for God and others. No wonder the world is the way it is, so many people are serving just their own needs selfishly, and they are depressed and anxious and feel hollow inside because they are being deceived with false teachings. I see the deception now, so clearly.