Being The Light Born Again in Love

Wow, so I had a crazy born again experience with Jesus. Since being born again in the light and love of God many things have changed. So much effortless change.

  1. I am God OBSESSED… God Rooted… God Centered…
  2. Sobriety, not that I was an alcoholic, but I have lost the desire for my almost daily beers and occasional edibles…
  3. Can see deception, new eyes… I can see truth vs falsehood…

It has been an amazing experience. Praise GOD! There have been growing pains though, and states of confusion. Reading the Bible at first I was like ahhhhh, I am such a sinner. I was humbled to my core. But as I keep reading, I see that we need to have a healthy respect for God. There is right and wrong, there is truth and falsehood.

God created love, God created laughter, God created Joy and he celebrates when we celebrate. Let us be thankful and love one another no matter what. So many Jesus believers today are judgemental Pharisees. Let us be Christ-like, and God Rooted.

I am still in my infancy with Jesus, but there is one thing I have learned… We are supposed to love one another, not create division. We are to unify not divide.

God was clear with me on my message, love each other as he has loved us. So there we go, we don’t need to be us vs them, we just need to love one another and be the light.

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