I’m amazed when I see her passion and what drives her!

I manifested Allison into my life : )

I began my Pilates journey in 2012 and by the summer of 2014 I was looking into franchises. I wanted to figure out how I could turn my new found passion into a career! I loved the business model that Club Pilates offered and longed for one to be in my area!

I soon stumbled across an ad online to win a Club Pilates franchise! I was beyond excited, I thought this is it, this is a sign!! At the time I was working 6 days a week teaching a mixture of mornings, afternoons and evenings at a few local studios! I was feeling exhausted with very little time off and wanted to make my passion into a career! I loved that Club Pilates offered blocks of times to instructors instead of only teaching one or two classes!

I immediately entered the contest! Even though I didn’t exactly win the contest I feel that I came out on top and received something far better than I would have imagined!! I soon found out that Allison Beardsley the founder of Club Pilates was going to open a studio in Reno by 2015!

Thanks to another Club Pilates owner in CA I was put in direct contact with Allison! We may have had one or two brief conversations over the phone prior to the studio opening! I made sure to be at the studio opening day and as often as I could when I knew Allison would be there! I was persistent in obtaining a position with Club Pilates!

Within a month of the studio opening I found myself as her new General Manager and Lead Pilates Instructor! Little did I know this adventure would lead me to now running three studios in the area!

My primary intention was to have Allison in my life as a friend! I knew we had a connection from the first time we met and that I had so much to learn from her! I feel beyond grateful for all of the lesson I’ve learned along the way! She’s more than a boss, she’s a friend and my personal spiritual guru!

I’m amazed when I see her passion and what drives her! It’s more than Pilates, it’s continued spiritual growth! I never would have imagined that one small decision to enter to win a Club Pilates franchise would lead me here and change the course of my path!

She may have thrown me to my own defenses several times, putting me outside my comfort zone when I took over as her General Manager! However it was exactly what I needed! She was always there as a guide, she uplifted and encouraged me to be my best!! She had faith in me and to this day encourages me to grow and evolve not only in business but in life!

Thank you Allison!! I’m truly blessed to have you in my life!

Jessica Roberts
Reno, Nevada