My Story, Allison Beardsley From New Age Deception to the TRUTH of Jesus part 1

So I was speaking with one of my former franchisees from down south in Alabama last week. And she went on about how she is so grateful I have dedicated my life to Christ. I was grateful to catch up with her.

Quick Background, for those who don’t know me, I started a franchise company in 2013 and sold my company in 2015. I had about 75 franchisees (a franchisee is a person I sold the business model to) when I sold my companies, 40 open locations, and 100 territories in development. I was happy to sell. Anywho… Let me get back to my conversation with Sara.

Back to the story, my former franchisee Sara told me I was the most Christ-like person she ever met, and she is a hard-core Christian from Alabama. I actually was very teary-eyed as this was the biggest compliment anyone ever told me. Maybe this is because I love all people, and I have friends who are from all walks of life. I have friends who are Buddhist, Pagan’s, Christians, addicts and prostitutes… and each of them are amazing. Is this what she meant when she called me Christ like?

When I was in business, I was all about taking care of others, not lining my pockets…Is this what she meant by being Christ-like? Maybe this was cause I grew up in the hood as the daughter of a housekeeper, who knows, but even today I am generous and not greedy. I live modestly, driving an old beaten up Subarau by choice.

I think that was what she meant when she said I was Christ-like, it is rare to find people in business who serve others rather than their bottom line. You can read the testimonies on my website from Tim Pickwell, my franchise lawyer wrote how in business I went against all my advisors’ advice, I was not focused on me, but focused on my franchisees and my clients. 

So, Sara from Alabama shared some funny stories with me. Having spent most of my life in San Diego, the culture of Alabama was quite different, and super duper religious Christian. I once flew to Alabama to spend a weekend at this location. Well, I must have freaked everyone out in my hippy clothes and wearing my buddha necklace, which is totally normal in so-cal. 

I did freak them out, and gossip was flung around.

Catching up with Sara last week, she told me about some gossip that happened amongst the employees while I was there.  One of the employees Karen apparently whispered to another employee Amy that she could sense the new age in me. The other employee Amy defended me and told Karen that I was filled with Christ but didn’t label it as that. 

Now that I have publicly rebuked the new age, and feel inspired to educate the public about the deception of new age, Sara reached out to me to fill me in on the story and to celebrate my coming to Jesus.

She was thrilled that I had turned my life to Christ, and told me about the gossip Karen spread, and how Amy was wise to see my virtues and defended me even though I was not aware of Christ or being Christ-like. I can’t help but chuckle, but that kind of conversation does not happen in San Diego, if anything it is the opposite, new agers are freaked out by the Bible thumping Jesus freaks. 

Why do so many people who follow Christ judge others rather than love all people like Jesus did?

I bring up this story, as I believe many people are disenchanted by the church and the Bible because of how Christians behave being judgey-wudgey, No one ever told me the new age was bad, no one ever warned me about other beliefs leading to hell… wait let me backtrack, one person did. My childhood friend Becky’s dad used to be a priest and he once saw my dad at the grocery store and said, “I sure hope Allison is not caught up in that new age stuff.” My dad relayed the message to me, but I didn’t get it… Why?

What is wrong with the new age? No one ever told me, but friends who knew Christ were praying for me. I wish someone would’ve brought it to my attention that the new age stuff is a trap of half-truths and deception teaching you just to feel good and being self-centered vs God-centered. I am open-minded, had people warned me about new age deception, with an explanation, I would’ve started my Bible studies sooner. But it’s all good. 

Then I began to study the Bible and it all made sense. Not everything is truth, and when you know the truth, you see that people being deceived actually has huge consequences and it is for eternity. Your soul is potentially on the line if you do not choose God. If you have not read the Bible, you have no idea what I speak of, but I encourage you to open your mind to it, and give the book a read. It is historical, philosophical, and morally amazing. 

So I feel like I need to be loud, and share the AMAZING news, that where you place your spiritual faith here on earth has HUGE consequences. I encourage you to study the Bible, it is full of truth, love and the most beautiful teachings I have ever encountered in my life. Jesus is the real deal, he is legit. What I love most is the Bible is free, and there is not profiteering with Jesus as there is with new age teachings. 

Please know, I am writing these blogs fast, without edits, so please excuse edits or repetitive rants as I am doing my best to get this info out to people as soon as possible, raw, and authentic because I feel it is so important.

I pray that a seed is planted in your soul, resulting in a change of heart. I have had 15 friends convert to Christ in the last 33 days. My friends converted to Christ because they know and trust me, and were so amazed and in shock by my passionate transformation. A simple phone call, and bam Jesus is their Christ… I  am happy to connect with you too, even if I don’t know you. Email me at [email protected] and I am happy to spend my time discussing with you about my studies and why Christ is the only way. 

Thanks for reading My Story, Allison Beardsley From New Age Deception to the TRUTH of Jesus part 1! I am dedicated to exposing the truth of new age spiritual deception. Stay connected as I share my journey with you here on my website. Or if you want to know more about my God-centered life coaching or business consulting services, get in touch!

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