My Story, Allison Beardsley From New Age Deception to the TRUTH of Jesus part 8

Ok, in this blog I am going to share why I believe Yoga is demonic, and it is a way to deceive people. Ok, new age Yogis, I know this sounds wacky, especially if you have never read the Bible and if you do not know about Jesus, but hear me out. I have over 1000 hours in training and certifications in Yoga and meditation from The Chopra Center. Then on December 13th, I was hit hard by the Holy Spirit and could see the deceit of the new age. There is one true God, and not everything is true. The loosey-goosey ways of the new age belief system are not rooted in truth, but is personal preferences and fleshy desires.

Google Patanjali, the father of Yoga, and look at images of him. Sadhguru has great images on his website of Patanjali the father of Yoga. Well, the father of yoga is a serpent man. His lower body is a snake, and his upper body is man. Doesn’t that give you warm fuzzies? Yoga is an old tradition of worshipping hinduĀ gods. Surya means Sun God, and Namaskar means to worship or adore. Surya Namaskar means sun salutations, so when you do yoga sun salutations you are worshipping the sun god whether you know it or not. Just like baptism is not water aerobics, doing yoga is not just a thing your local fitness instructor made up. I will set the record straight, the sun is a creation from the one true God, the sun is not the creator. Just like you and I are creations from God, we are not little gods like yogis teach. The one true God wants a relationship with you rather than you worshipping his creations. Do not get the creator and the creation confused.

Now if you study the Bible, the first commandment is about not having gods before the one true real God. Yet many of the poses in Yoga are meant to worship numerous Hindu Gods. No offense to the Hindu religion, but all you have to do is read about Hindu near-death experiences to not want anything to do with Hindu gods. Many Hindu gods look like demons, and the near-death experiences of people who believe in Hinduism are violent and scary compared to near death experiences of those who believe in Jesus. You can go down this rabbit hole of research if you’d like. It is fascinating.

In the Bible the serpent is the deceiver, telling people they are gods and tempting people to be gods, or think they are gods. I find it interesting that in yoga, there are also many snakes. Many people try to get the kundalini or serpent energy in their spine to rise. Many people have become crazy and suffered brain damage by their kundalini rising. New age and yogis shun Jesus and the Bible, because Jesus claims his way is the one way. He says the path to heaven is narrow, and there is one gate, while the road to hell is broad. New age and yogis teach peace and love, and anything goes and this contradicts Jesus and the Bible big time.

Now, lets compare new age -yogis and baking. If you are baking, there are only certain ways to make and mix ingredients if you want your pie to taste good. Ingredients, instructions and directions do matter. According to new age spiritual seekers and yogis any path leads to the same destination. I gotta rebuke that, I spent more than half my life in the new age spiritual seeking yogi world, and I just started studying Jesus and the Bible a month ago. There are huge differences, and I can clearly see the new age deception.

When I was taught to meditate, I would repeat om-mum-namaha… It had no meaning, and it was meant to be meaningless to open you up to the stillness underneath it all. It is dangerous to meditate on nothing, as it opens you up to things that can be dangerous and can cost you your soul.

Now, I pray to God, and I meditate on the gospel. It feels so good and natural to meditate on wisdom and truth versus nothingness. I will discuss this more, but this is just part 8 on my awakening to the truth of Jesus and God versus new age deception.

I pray that my sharing strikes smething within you, to seek and find the truth of Jesus.

Thanks for reading My Story, Allison Beardsley From New Age Deception to the TRUTH of Jesus part 8! I am dedicated to exposing the truth of new age spiritual deception. Stay connected as I share my journey with you here on my website. Or if you want to know more about my God-centered life coaching or business consulting services, get in touch!

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